eCommerce software, solutions and implementation

Way back in 1999, Mustard started as an internet technical solutions company, providing support to clients by building them systems to make their lives easier, such as back end reporting and eCRM systems. These roots haven’t been forgotten and bring a level of technical experience to each project which we believe is still second to none.

As you would expect we programme in all primary languages including ASP.NET, c#, JAVA, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, HTML and JavaScript.

Red Spider CRM and ERP

Mustard developed the initial version of Red Spider way back in 2002. It has evolved over the years into a fully featured CRM and ERP system. Its core aim is to provide a strong back bone to eRetail websites and not just supporting the front end of an ecommerce website.

This system is used with leading on-line retail sites such as Mills and Boon through to niche brands such as, it has proven itself over the years to be a robust and flexible platform with many millions of pounds worth of transactions pushed through it each year.

Key feature list: